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30 years from now

In the year 2050, I will be 88 years old. What will life be like then and how long will I live, I wonder?

I can't say for sure, but I know one thing - everybody is in for quite the shock.

There are many bad scenarios but let's focus on the positive possibilities as our salvation will likely come from science. Here is a list of predictions, which you may find absolutely ludicrous, but wait, read to the end. Most people, and certainly the people I know, have no idea about what is going on in science and medicine, but I do. I keep up on it and see wondrous things on the horizon.

Our transition to the future will be fast

Life in 2050 (maybe):

Life Span

While the average lifespan has increased, people are now able to reverse aging. You can now be a 90-year-old person walking around in bodies that were once frail and wrinkled, but now you are young and healthy again. Maybe your body is too damaged to be recovered? That's okay, you can order a clone body and have your brain transplanted into it. A few days later you wake up and you are 20 years old again, ready to keep on living and able to be productive and contribute to society. Theoretically, you could live forever through medicine.


Cancer and every other disease is now curable with the only challenges to medicine being newly emerging pathogens, and those will be quickly tackled. Nobody has to receive terrible health news. All body parts can now be regenerated or grown on-demand, and transplanted, from eyes, limbs, organs, etc. Trauma victims can easily be placed in a suspended state and repaired to full operational functionality.


Everyone is now happy and depression and mental illness are almost gone, controlled by new wonder drugs and nano-technology. Society will be generally peaceful with negative and aggressive behavior and thoughts filtered out through gene therapy and other means. Maybe the thought is a bit scary now, but then, you will be happy and won't care. There will be fewer wars and conflicts worldwide. Everyone will just feel good all the time.


There will be no sanctuary or place for criminals to hide. Global AI biometric monitoring systems in conjunction with GPS tracking in our cars, phones, and other personal devices, will track the movement of every person, analyzing patterns and behaviors. AI will predict and prevent many crimes, and criminal will be instantly tracked down and apprehended for reprogramming and early intervention.


Robots will be everywhere - walking the streets, interacting with people, maintaining order. they will help us, protect us, and look after us. People will have personal robots to do their mundane tasks like house cleaning, yard work, cooking, shopping. Indeed, robots will become our avatars in the physical world. You will be able to give your personal robot instructions and it's AI will easily handle it. Imagine issuing a command "Robot, talk the dog for a walk please." or "Robot, go patrol the neighborhood and report any suspicious activity." You can just put on your Virtual reality headset to assume control of the robot at any time. Robots will be the new front line in wars and conflicts and crime enforcement.

AI and Quantum Computing

Artificial Intelligence and machine learning are already making huge changes. Essentially software and hardware will run everything.... everything! It will replace the human decision-making process and view everyone equally, controlling finance, government, research, development, city and traffic management, and so much more. It will not make decisions based on prejudices or emotion, but pure logic. It will be an intelligence far in excess than that of the human mind. Quantum computing will allow AIs and humanity to evolve science and technology and an exponential rate, unlocking the secrets of the universe. it will foster humanity's ascension into a super-advanced, super-intelligent species. It will solve all our problems, instantly coming up with solutions for new diseases, maintain stability, and so much more. It will quickly change the world in ways you cannot imagine. The potential of Ai and Quantum Computing is beyond the imagination and understanding of most people, but suffice to say, it will be humanity's cheat code operate in 'God Mode'

XG technology

The current emerging 5G wireless technology is going to change the world like you will not believe, but future generations will blow your mind. It will undoubtedly utilize quantum communication channel and leverage quantum entanglement, to create a communications network that is instantaneous and transcends time and space. In conjunction with AI, it will create virtual worlds in which you can live, work, and interact and survive happily without ever leaving your home. It will blur the lines of reality. It will allow instant access and unlimited bandwidth and probably result in some anti-technology revolution, which will be quickly quelled by the Ai and robots. It will allow us to dispatch probes across the galaxy and have instant real-time control and feedback, essential for our expansion beyond our planet.

Genetic Makeover

We will be able to create or recreate ourselves in any way we like, controlling any aspect of our appearance. Children can be customized before inception to be hyper-intelligent and perfect in every way. We can be taller, stronger, faster. Genetic diseases and malformations will be eliminated. Humanity will be able to modify itself to thrive in diverse conditions and to live in space. We will be able to change anything about our form and appearance. Genetic manipulation will be a canvas for human creativity, expression, and will re-write the taxonomic hierarchy.


There will be almost 10 billion people, but AI will help us find solutions to feed and sustain us. The beginnings of cities in space will be well underway. Small and insignificant at first, we will quickly expand our civilization to space cities, the moon, Mars, and beyond. But we will also live under the oceans, on the oceans, and under the land.


Most of the vehicles on the roads will be autonomous and the days of people-driven automobiles, accidents, and road rage permanently delegated to history. Everything will flow smoothly, controlled by a mass transit AI. Fast and ultra-efficient, there will be no more need for traffic lights or signage and most people will not own cars, but subscribe to transportation services. Intelligent unmanned vehicles will pick you up and deliver you to a mass transit hub. You'll be transported to another hub where another intelligent unmanned vehicle arrives right on time to take you to your destination.

While this sounds unbelievable, it is in fact, happening. Much of the technology already exists within the above disciplines, and quantum computing will slingshot humanity ahead very quickly. In fact, Google recently claimed quantum supremacy, solving a problem in 200 seconds that would have taken the world's best supercomputer more than ten thousand years to accomplish, so mull that over. Now imagine it combined with AI and machine learning. A convergence of technologies that will be a milestone achievement for humanity and it's a turbocharge button for advancement, which could very well change the world in unbelievable ways, in the next 30 years.

I'm sure a lot of people would read this post and think I'm out to lunch, but it's happening whether we believe it or not. Change is coming and if it turns out to be as I described, then that is mostly good. Let us hope at least , and aim towards a positive and peaceful ascension as we enter a new and significant age of enlightenment.

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