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A solace from the Winter Solstice

I'm bundled up. The days are getting shorter and it's mid October in Calgary. Back when the trees were a red and gold maze, I thought that I ought to enjoy what I can. However, the autumn was coy. It didn't last long and now I'm afraid it's all but gone.

Sparse groups of leaves are all that remain in the trees and even those were getting tattered from the cold snowy breeze. No... Autumn, please don't go!

Well... it doesn't matter really.

Every year it’s the same and we move on.

I'll just go there and take photos while things still look nice. I will likely reflect on those images soon... once the sun yields to the moon and winter's dreary darkness sets in.

Yes, it will be my little reminder that things will be colorful again!

So if you're nearby in the crisp Autumn air, look about and you just may find me there

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