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An eye for fashion

Do you think you know what fashion is?

Do you care?

As a photographer, one thing I've learned, is that I had zero fashion or style going on in my life. It's no wonder. It wasn't part of my upbringing and I've always been a lazy off-the-shelf shopper, with very little consideration to how I look. A very basic, minimalist type of dresser. Yet when I'm out doing street photography, the people that always catch my eye have something different going on.

I didn't realize it at first, but it is the fashion of people that makes the difference. The style and the attitude your look projects, creates an instant impression, and good first impressions are important. It's your social calling card, and it can quickly open or close the doors of opportunity. If you exude style and confidence, then you are much more likely to embrace success and good fortune.

A lot fashion I see is a bit out there and not my cup of tea, but fashion is diverse. Some people you will look at and think... yes.. that person has a look I like., and that is how it started for me. It caused me to think, wow... I've got nothing going on in the style department. I pale in comparison, which is especially bad since I'm trying to build a public facing business as a photographer, and need to project a good image. I thought, how can clients trust me for clothing and fashion advice when I show up looking how I do?

For me, that was a turning point and I decided to actually put effort into my appearance, which felt kind of weird and unmanly at first. Regardless, I forged ahead into my journey shopping for clothes, thinking about colors and materials, accessories, browsing Pinterest for ideas, and experimenting. Well, I'm still trying different things as I 'find my style', so I'm not going to post my adventure in fashion. Not yet at least, but I think this is a good story to share. It's good food for thought for the fashionably challenged and at a later date I will post some interesting links.

In the meantime, take a moment and look around the next time you are out in public. Look at yourself and others and just take notice of what people are wearing. As a little exercise, scroll through the images below and see if you can identify who has a good sense of style and fashion and who doesn't. If you have a good sense of fashion already, it will be easy, and I applaud you for taking a pride in your appearance and style.

For the rest of you, think about if you are fashionable and stylish. Notice the way other people dress and see what styles appeal to you. Consider investing some time into making yourself feel better by creating a new look, and have fun with it. It's never too late to change.

It will make you feel good.


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