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An Invention to Prevent Coronavirus Spreading

Updated: Feb 11

I have an idea.

A good idea.

For a few years now I have had this idea for an invention that would help people avoid catching viruses like the coronavirus or the flu. I"ve approached several companies, but nobody ever replies. Lol... they probably just think I'm a nut. Sure, this guy has a solution to help stop the spread of viruses and bacterial pathogens. Sure he does (eye roll).

Well, I know 100% that it will work and could potentially, save many lives. It also has other benefits. I can bang out a prototype very quickly, but nobody is even interested in even hearing my idea. I wonder if one day, someone will listen and help me bring this to reality, and I imagine someone saying "This is so simple. Too bad nobody listened sooner... it could have saved a lot of lives." and I would say "Yup."

So, if it's such a good idea, why don't I go ahead and invest and develop it?

The answer is simply, I'm not in a financial situation to do that. This is something that would take a fair chunk of money to get going. An amount that is out of my reach, but to many, it would not be a lot of money.

If I had an investor, they could probably make hundreds of millions of dollars quickly from a product that is simple and easy to mass-produce. It could go from conception to the shelves in a matter of days. I'm not looking to get rich. I'm happy to take a tiny piece of the pie and just get the product out there.

So share this and maybe the right person will see it.

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