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Another Halloween of Silence

How many kids showed up at your door this Halloween? 10? 20? 50? More?

From my chair in our living room, where I am sitting right now, I can look out to the street and watch 100’s of trick o' treaters going up and down the street.

It‘s a great street after all - a 2 km circle and not a lot of traffic. Extra wide sidewalks and good lighting. A perfect route and the kids can make a pretty big haul.

A Halloween photo of moi. Totally unrelated to Halloween.

However, only 2 kids came to our door this night. That’s pretty low. Usually we have a lot more, like around 10.

I wasn’t sure why such a low turnout at first but then I realized at one end of our street is a dog park and at the other is a soccer field, so there's just not enough ROI for the kids to cross the street. They can just stick to the other side of the street and make a bigger haul.

Yeah, it's probably that.

Could also be due to the fact that we're still trying to off-load candy we bought five years ago, or maybe because I answer the door in my underwear. Not really sure

Oh well. Until next year my little goblins.

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