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Coronavirus - We Can Handle it

I was going to make a different post but I thought I would write about the coronavirus because it's front and center right now. Despite my cool exterior, there is a tiny piece of me that is a bit scared and stressed over the whole coronavirus issue. I generally look at things in a logical fashion and reasoning things out by writing my thoughts down, is part of that process. As anyone who journals knows, it's an excellent habit.

A little worried? Go journal and find your zen.

I'm certain the "possible" pandemic virus will kill a lot of people, cause some panic, and upset the economy. As I type this, President Trump is about to talk about it. I don't what he will say, but I know this. It is what it is. We all just have to stay calm and go on living as normal as possible.

The best we can do is follow the guidelines to avoid the virus and by time until the vaccine is ready. Right? Because it's not going away. It's here to stay, so we have no choice but to live with it. Once the vaccine is out, then everyone can breathe a sigh of relief.

Until then, we have a bit of a battle on our hands, and we can't turn and run. We have to stand and fight. Fight for the economy and keep the machine running because It's up to all of us to keep society stable and productive. If we run away from it and avoid society then it will be that much more destructive.

So, if you hear of the virus in your area, then take all the precautions and be smart.

Don't worry, because worry will only make things worse. Meditate and go on enjoying the things you enjoy in life, and know this.... we can handle it.

It will be okay

Ah... I feel much better now.

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