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Funeral Music - What song is ruined for you?

Don't ruin good songs!

We've all been to funerals and if you never have, just wait. One of the things I've noticed is that there is always a song or two played at the ceremony, and they are usually some popular song. At my brothers funeral, after he killed himself, the song was 'Lord is it mine' by Supertramp.

A great song, now totally ruined, because it has a negative connotation associated with it. I remember once I played it, long after the funeral, and Dad teared up and said 'turn it off'. The enjoyment of that song is lost and there are other songs that have suffered the same fate.

So now when I'm in a position to influence song choice for a funeral, I say, pick a song that you never hear on the radio. Maybe something insufferable or funny, like Bolero, the theme song from Gilligan's Island, or maybe even a Dane Cook comedy track. No need to spoil good songs and nobody needs to reminded of something depressing when they hear a good song.

In fact, if you play something funny at a funeral then it could be the ultimate experience of ambivalence. Everyone not sure whether to laugh or cry or do both. Maybe the humor would off-set the sadness and reality of things and put a smile on a few faces, and I say there is nothing wrong with that.

Temper sadness using humor:)

After all, funerals are not a bout the dead people, it's about the survivors, and if they can say goodbye in a was that makes them feel better, then I say go for it. When I die, I would rather everyone has a laugh and a smile over it. Then can even roast me if they want. I won't care... I'll be dead after all.

I know it is becoming more popular to make funerals a positive thing, and that is wonderful. Just... do something about the music!


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