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Idea 749 - Sell My Art

Updated: Nov 18, 2019

I’ve always been full of ideas. Ideas for inventions, ways to make money, different businesses, etc... and most have been dismal failures. I took the backroads of life and bypassed many doors of opportunity. Not a surprise as I’m a byproduct of an upbringing lacking mentoring and guidance. Regardless, I make no excuses, will not lament, and continue moving forward.

Through it all, I’ve learned a thing or two and doing alright for myself these days, but much of what I learned over decades, could have come to fruition much sooner through a path of higher education, and an understanding of the value of networking.

Yep, this is one of those 'If I only knew then what I know now' moments, and hopefully herein is a life lesson for some young people. For those not adept at reading between the lines - seek guidance from successful and happy older people. It's a great life hack.

Anyway, I digress. Back to Idea 749, which is about me selling my photography art. I've created quite a large collection of images from my artistic visions. Often I create 2-3 per week. Here is the latest. It is more abstract than my usual work, but my creative journey involves a lot of arbitrary twists and turns, so it's no surprise.

The images are always a collage of other images, and most of the time a collage of my own photographs, such as this one below. It's different scenes, blended and merged in Photoshop, to create something unique.

A collage of street photography

Finally, one more example. This is a combination of images that contain the people and places and things I see. If you lived here in Calgary, you would surely recognize the tidbits of my creations.

I usually create these images and then... forget about them.

So I thought to myself, why do that?

Why just create and then forget them?

Maybe people would like to buy some prints and I can have a way of making a little extra money for my retirement. At 58, I don't have the desire to continue working fulltime much longer, as a system support analyst, and I don't have a lot of savings to compliment my CPP in retirement, so any extra will be a big help. I would be quite happy to continue making some income through my love of photography in my retirement years.

My idea is to investigate and see how I can get my images recognized and sell them. I have no idea about how that is done, but I know I can figure it out, so that is what I will try to do:)

BTW.... why idea 749? It's not really that number. Who knows how many ideas I've actually had?

It's just so I can use a hashtag and use it to brand and promote my idea.

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