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Imagine, visualize, create

I wanted try creating some fine art photography which I have not done before. My plan is to try it and see if I’m any good at it, and if so, then I can brand around it as a service. I think people would like to be in images like this and maybe there would be some business potential around it.

As I’m a photographer on the side, I like to explore different areas of creativity. I hope I can build a little momentum in a side business and hopefully retire or semi-retire in the next five years. So with that in mind I venture forth with my imagination and get my hustle on.

To create this image I searched for a painting that I liked and set out to see if I can recreate it. Settling on a painting of Saint Jerome, my goal was not to make an identical recreation, but rather to study the image. Analyze the quality and direction of light, the colours, and textures, in order to learn.

It turned out that finding the props was the most difficult bit. I also wanted to find a seventy year old man with a beard so put a post in the Facebook group called The Calgary Amateur Photographers Group. Actually, it’s group I created and run. The members are great and within minutes, someone replied that they knew someone who fit the description.

His name is Big Jon. He's a courier and also spends a lot of time playing in a band at local night clubs. Certainly posing for a portrait is out of good wheelhouse, but he did well and had a good time.

Everything turned out so well, but want I really wanted to share out of this experience, is a little life lesson.

That lesson is this...

The modern world around us, everything we own, everything ever made, all come from the same place - our imagination.

From your imagination and desires come ideas. Ideas can then fade away or you can pursue them and change your life and the world around you.

Think about it. Surely you’ve had ideas about things. Have you done anything with them or turned them into reality?

If not, then keep dreaming and coming up with ideas, and then chase them down. See what reality you can create from them to make your life better.

Sometimes you will fail, and you will learn, and sometimes you will succeed, but if you don’t pursue your ideas; then they just may become regrets.

So, for me, this image is another rung on the ladder of success. Albeit, a small success, but a success none the less.

Whether the ladder leads me to where I want to go, well, I will see, but the climb alone is worth it.

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