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Life After Death

Life After Death... have I talked about that yet?

You know, there comes that time in life when our mortality is no longer a distant ship's smoke on the horizon. It's no longer that thing we don't think about or consider because it was so far in the future that it did not warrant any thought. But as we transition the threshold of our middle age, we suddenly start to notice relatives, friends we grew up with, celebrities who entertained us, and the musicians, and the artists who impacted our lives, have started to disappear.

We find ourselves brushing the dust off of suits that no longer fit from weddings past, repurposed to attend more and more funerals. We see our pets die and even members of the family we grew up with, and develop a sense of understanding about it all.

We come to know that life really is finite and notice how fast the years have passed, and see that the end of life is inevitable and we approach it with every breath. Every moment we come one step closer to the endpoint. We worry about things like who will die first and how the others will cope and naively hope that we may all somehow peacefully die together at the end so that nobody has to suffer the loss of a loved one.

Some may think about it too much and some may just accept it and choose to focus on being in the present. Probably that's the best choice, and most of us accept that as the route we take, albeit, not without some degree of fear and discomfort at first. After all, it is part of the journey, mystery, and experience of life.

So it's no wonder that we all ask ourselves if there is life after death or if there really is a heaven. Nobody knows for sure, but I know that there is more than this life on Earth. I feel it and believe, which is something because I'm very logical and scientific in my thinking.

If nothing was real until it was proven by science, then nothing would exist, and there is a lot of gray space between reality and fiction. We, and the universe around us, are pure energy at our core, transversing an endless quantum reality that is stranger than we can imagine, yet here we are. Each of us, a collective of billions of tinier lifeforms that coexist within the framework of our human bodies. All along for the ride, and somehow from that, we have an individual guiding intelligence, which alone implies an intelligence even greater is at play. One that is beyond us and encompasses everything.

I look at people how have had near-death experiences and hear their stories of the afterlife. Some people would laugh at the concept, yet, for thousands of years, people have reported the same experiences with great similarity. Some may say "Oh, it's just the brain. Our bodies way of preparing us to face death without fear." Hmm, that only supports my belief that there is greater intelligence that we are all part of. After all, if everybody has the same visions and experiences, then doesn't that suggest that it's not some random experience, but something real. Like some programming that was deliberately placed there, and that would require some overseeing intelligence?

Well, I think so.

Food for thought.



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