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Maximize your downtime at work

If you are like me, and many of you are, then you spend your days at work, in front of a computer. Also, like me, your computer is running Microsoft OS and applications and you are bound by different productivity-crippling corporate security protocols that result in a lot of time spent waiting and twiddling your fingers. Time spent waiting for updates to install or for IT to fix some problem, or waiting for your computer to reboot, which can take 10-20 minutes, all take a chunk out of your work day.

You may also spend time waiting on other people, languishing in a dis-empowered state, and unable to accomplish anything. Perhaps stuck in that void where you don't bother doing something else productive because you're already in the middle of something and changing gears just adds more frustration and unproductive time to your day. A slave to ill defined workflows that often lead nowhere or further into the abyss of accomplishing nothing.

So, why not do something you like in that 'downtime'?

Maybe you check our Facebook or other social media, go to the bathroom (but really go to a coffee shop or go for a walk), do a crossword puzzle, a thousand pushups, or whatever. But, if you are like me, then you use the time to type up this blog and post it. Ha ha ha...

Seriously though, this survey has some interesting statistics about why employees waste time and how they waste time. Funny it doesn't mention time wasted because of not being able to get anything accomplished from interruptions or being stuck in a waiting mode.

Well, that's my short blog for today and here is an unrelated, gratuitous image.

My computer is done updating.

Go to go.

Have a nice day;-)

Some nice Calgarians who decided to visit me while I was photographing a client.

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