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Scenes from the Street

As part of my blogging adventure includes the occasional glimpse into my world when I'm walking around downtown. Many days, instead of sitting in the office over lunch, I grab the camera and head out. I work downtown, so it's a good escape from my florescent cube. It's certainly a mental break from sitting in front of a computer all day examining log files and solving problems.

I used to just sit there and work right through lunch and that is like, not a good thing for anyone to do at their job. We all need a break, so a few years ago I started going for walks downtown and taking my camera for the journey. It's a refreshing break and here are some of my images. I'll be posting more on a regular basis.

Starting with my earlier shots, this is the big head sculpture by Barcelona-based Jaume Plensa. It sits in the plaza of the Bow Building in downtown Calgary.

Bow Valley Big Head and Little Man

I liked the shot because of the contrast and how the man looking up at the big head, gave a sense of how big the head really is. The statues in the next photo have been photographed so many times, that it's hard to get something interesting or unique from them. One this day I saw a man having a smoke break, so positioned myself to get a shot of him from between the statues. I was quite happy how it worked out. He is so lost in thought that he does not seem to notice me taking his photo, or maybe he did and just didn't care.

Beyond The Conversation

In the next shot an man relaxes outside on a step. This image appealed to me because he was comfortable and just enjoying being there. I think he was doing a crossword puzzle as I passed by and his coffee kept him company. No iPhones or other gadgets for this guy:)

An elderly man relaxes outside with a crossword

In my final image for this post, I saw this fellow walking along and he looked interesting so I asked to take his photo. He was quite happy to oblige. I always look for people with their unique style.

If he could sing and play guitar, he'd have it made

Well that does it for my photos.. but wait! No... there is one more! Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha... Me so tricky! This last-for-sure image is this fellow facing backwards on his bike. Yeah, that's his own style - cruising backwards as he checks out the ladies.

Cruising for babes

Okay, that was it. But wait! No... okay... one more, but that's it! For sure this time.

This girl watches the Ukrainian dancers at municipal plaza.

Why stand when you can do this?

Well that's it. Okay. Bye



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