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My First Blog

Have you ever thought about writing your own blog and why you might do that?

There are many different reasons to do so. You may just want to share your views and ideas with the world, or maybe you want to gain fame and recognition. Whatever the reason, I think it's an interesting creative outlet and even if nobody ever reads your blog, it can be an interesting journey of self discovery.

My reason for creating this blog is to provide a creative outlet for my thoughts, ideas, and opinions, but of course I would like for people to actually read it. So I ask myself, what makes a blog interesting?

I've had a blog before and it was a naive jumble of thoughts in the early days of the internet, but now I am smarter, experienced, and wise. I believe I have interesting views that others may like to read about. People also tell me I'm funny and certainly I like to inject humor into my posts.

But before I start getting into the thick of it, let me tell you who I am.

At 57, I don't fit the trendy demographic of the typical blogging crowd, but I have something the younger people don't - that knowledge and view of life which you only get from experience. That which comes from the trials and tribulations of life, and makes everyone at our age think "Man... if only I knew this when I was younger." I think there is value in that - especially for young people. It's called wisdom for a reason.

So here I am, a guy who lives in Calgary with his wife and four cats (I love cats, so yeah, you can expect I will reference them occasionally). I spend much time involved in photography, especially street photography, but I also teach it and run the Calgary Amateur Photographers group. I have some business savvy and 30 years of IT and software experience under my belt. I've seen life and death and gone through much change in my years.

Now, with retirement looming on the horizon of a near future, mortgage paid, and some savings, I really want to explore the artistic and creative side of myself. That part of me that I set aside many years ago to pursue financial stability. I am fully engaged in creativity now and my priorities are different. I feel like I am doing what I am meant to do.

That's my nutshell.

My views on the world around me are more open and understanding, tempered with logic, and peppered with humor. I am like many of you, with similar experiences, fears, hopes, and dreams, so I hope you check out my posts. Maybe you will find something you can relate to.


What do you do with your thoughts?

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