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What would you do if you won the lottery?

Most of us dream about it, but very few experience it - winning the lottery.

One evening at a small get together with some acquaintances from S.A.I.T., one lady announced she had a surprise. She pulled out a newspaper clipping of her and her husband holding a super-sized check for $170, 000.00. They had won a lottery.

Well, not a huge win, but a win's a win, and enough to change your life if you're smart (they were).

We all said wow, good for you, and listened to them talk about what they were going to do with the money. I think they said they were going to pay off their mortgage and have some leftover for whatever. Anyway, that was nice. We all said good for you with an underlying twinge of envy:-)

The evening carried on and we all decided to order pizza delivery. The pizza came and everyone chipped in, but I'm sure I wasn't the only one thinking, what I was thinking. How tacky, announce you have won a bunch of money and then not even buy the pizza for the party. How cheap can you be? Not that they owe anybody anything, but if you're going to make a grand announcement of that kind, then it seems the decent thing to do would be to at least offer to pay for the pizza, rather than be a douche bag. I sure as hell would.

Oh well... that's them I guess. BTW - the last I heard is they opened a little business with some of the money and are now millionaires living in Victoria, B.C.

Another time I was reading a news article about a young guy who won $30 million and when asked what he would do with it he replied that he was going to invest it and see how rich he can get. Really? THAT'S what you want to do with your life? How weird. I think people with too much money sometimes lose touch with reality and money becomes an obsession. If you already have more money than you need to live a happy and comfortable life, why spend your time chasing more? Why not enjoy life instead and help others. Chasing money for the sake of it, is a sickness, and will not bring happiness - at least that's what I think.

The amount of money awarded in lotteries is also ridiculous. Individuals now winning gigantic lotteries with more money than they need in a lifetime. They will do whatever with it, and probably die with most of it still in the bank. Why not only award smaller amounts, like 5 million, and then more people can win? More lives can change for the better. After all, if you can't retire on $5 million dollars and enjoy the things you want to do in life, then you're probably out of control. You could just live off the interest alone for crying out loud!

So many trillions of dollars are horded by the wealthy that could improve the world in unimaginable way. I just don't get it. It's a sin.

For me, sure I would love to win a lottery, but I don't want fame and fortune. I just want to be able to quit my full-time job, and live a simple, clean, and fulfilling life - doing the things I love. Travel around a bit, sleep in whenever I want, have time to exercise, go for walks, do photography, and help others in meaningful ways. Maybe in some little way, make the world a better place. If I won $1 million dollars, I would be set and happy.

I think the important thing is to think about what you could do to enjoy life and what that would take. You should know that about yourself whether you are rich or poor, and any money you win, should be a means to an end - to help you accomplish happiness in your life.

What would you do if you won a lottery?

Here's a tip - don't wait to win a lottery to figure it out, and don't base happiness on material possessions. Write down how you would like to live your life. The things you would like to see and do, and how you picture yourself being truly happy. Then think about how you can get there without winning a lottery. Maybe you could start to make some changes now to move towards your vision?

Create your vision and know that you're probably not going to win a lottery. If you do win then great, but best you make a plan based on reality. That way, it is more likely to come true. Plus, if you can achieve a content and happy life through your own means, then, really, you've already won the most important lottery - the lottery of life.


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